About Us


This ministry was birthed out of the heart of God for the US-Mexico Border.  While Jennifer was visiting the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City in July 2010, God began “speaking” to her about the Border.  First, God gave her Ps. 147:14a “He maketh peace in thy borders…”  After she began to pray over this scripture, God began to give her visions.  While she was in the IHOP Prayer Room, she received 3 visions of the US-Mexico Border.  The first vision was of the Texas-Mexico Border and there were “little lights” along the Border.  After seeking the Lord for understanding, it seemed that the “little lights” represented prayer centers or houses of prayer along the Border.  The second vision was a vision of the US-Mexico Border beginning at the Baja Peninsula in Mexico and extending all the way to the Brownsville-Matamoros area with lights along the entire border, but a few darker areas.  In the third vision, the South Texas-Mexico Border area burst into flames.

After returning home, Jennifer called her pastor, Fred Stephens, and told him about the scripture and the visions.  Pastor Fred, who operates in prophetic giftings, received several prophetic words and a vision from the Lord regarding the Houses of Prayer on the Border.  The first word that he received is that “God is ready to move in a mighty way on the Border” [with houses of prayer/prayer centers.] The second prophetic word was that people have been looking to man and the government for Border Security.  This will be Border Security not by man but by God.
Thirdly, God gave Pastor Fred a vision of towers.  Pastor Fred said he saw towers like they had used in the military to protect the ammunition.  In the military, they had positioned the towers every 25 feet for protection.  Pastor Fred compared these military towers to the Houses of Prayer.  Just as the military towers protected the ammunition, the Houses of Prayer would be situated all along the border to provide protection to the people on the Border.

After receiving confirmation from Pastor Fred, Jennifer contacted Pastor David Delgado, who she had done ministry with in Nuevo Laredo.  After sharing the visions with Pastor David, he immediately replied that his ministry would like to start a House of Prayer.  God had been giving him dreams and visions of “intercessory worship.”  So, Pastor David and Jennifer began the process of beginning a house of prayer in the Laredo area.  As they discovered that they needed training and additional help with the process.  They joined the New Haven House of Prayer in the Houston area for training sessions and Jennifer invited the IHOP Latino team to come to the Border to provide training.  Since Jennifer had been given a vision of the South Texas Border in “flames,” they began inviting people from the South Texas Border areas to attend training sessions.  Then Pastor David and Jennifer began to share the information that they had been gaining with others who were interested in developing houses of prayer on the Border.


Our purpose is to promote God’s Vision of developing Houses of Prayer and Prayer Centers along the US/Mexico border.  The Border House of Prayer Network exists to further this heavenly vision by serving those who are called to a lifestyle of prayer on the US/Mexico Border by providing training, mentoring, support, and assisting with connecting those involved with houses of prayer and prayer centers in order to unify, connect and strengthen us for God’s purposes.

"My House Shall Be Called A House Of Prayer"