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Resources – Oraciones Apostólicas
Resources –
Oraciones Apostólicas en español

Resources – House of Prayer Basics from HOP Leadership Summit
Session Recordings

Resources – House of Prayer Basics
Session Notes
Bridal Partnership Through Prayer-
Night & Day Prayer in the Scriptures-
Prayer – Jesus’ Method of Government-
Prophetic Promises about the End Time Prayer Movement-
Starting a House of Prayer-
The Immutable Wisdom of Prayer as a Lifestyle-
The Prayer Movement in the Book of Revelation-

Resources from our Leadership Conference:
Session Notes
Administrating the House of Prayer-
Leadership That Sustains-

Resources from our Online Prayer Conference:
Session Notes
Prayer Basics –
Prayer Basics Diagram-
Breaking the Enemy’s Siege-

Resources – Our Core Heart Values
Session Notes
100 Fold Obedience-
Humility Intro-
Prophetic Ministry-
Servant Leadership-
The Fasted Lifestyle-
The Holy Spirit-
The Need For Humility-

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