Children’s Resources

First Things First:

As I was putting together the materials for developing these sessions, I knew that the Lord was wanting something. As I sought Him, I began to hear that song, “Knowing You, Jesus, knowing You. It is the greatest thing…” And, of course, He is so right!! So, I began to revise the lessons, allowing for the children to have time with Him. Also, after we had finished our sessions, and I was thinking about putting together the info into DropBox, I began to hear, “One thing is needful.” So, the most important thing is that the children get to know Him, experience His Presence and have time with Him.

Session 1

For the first session we present the “Wordless Book” to the children. Here is a link and information on how to do so:
Child Evangelism Fellowship has test for the “Wordless Book” in both English and Spanish:

Session 2

Flying Dove Cutout: Holy Spirit Dove Visual
Finished Example:Holy Spirit Dove Visual1

Session 2 Instructions –

Session 3

Session 3 Instructions –

Justin Rizzo (from IHOP-KC) has a rendition of Create in Me a Pure Heart. It’s in the archives on Sept. 3, 2013 at 6 am. It’s very simple, very repetitive. Here’s the link (at about 10 minutes and 40 seconds)
Create In Me A Pure Heart Song Example English:

Session 4

Arrow Visual Instructions: Arrow construction info

Cell Phone Visual English: Cell Phone Visual-Object Lesson-English

Cell Phone Visual Spanish: Cell Phone Visual-Object Lesson

Session 4 Instructions English –

Session 4 Instructions Spanish –

Session 5

Session 5 Instructions  –

Session 5 PowerPoint –

Children’s Rapid Fire Prayer in Guatemala:

Acuña House of Prayer Children’s Worship:

Short Videos And Materials:

Yo Tengo Un Amigo Que Me Ama:

Cristo Me Ama:

Holy Spirit Rain Down by Darlene Zschech:

"My House Shall Be Called A House Of Prayer"